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  • Matt answers EVERY question daily in the private community (Value = $3,000)
  • ​🧑 Weekly LIVE calls with Matt where he can look at your YouTube channel and help ($3,000)
  • 💻 Bonus Tube Coaching Content ($6,000)
  • BONUS #1: 📄 Additional templates and checklists to streamline this process ($1,000)
  • ​BONUS #2: YouTube gear lists and recommended software & tools + discounts ($1,000)
  •  BONUS #3: Live Call ONE on ONE With Matt personally for the first 30 people to join ($6,000)

    David has made over $100K now from his course with only 3,000 subscribers!!! 👇

    Hey this is Matt and I just want to say that I will ALWAYS do my best to help which is why I answer EVERY question daily in our private community 

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    *Due to one on one nature and the amount of my personal time that will
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